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Category: Model RR hobby (2)
Model railroad hobby related ...
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Papa's trains
My friend Larry Eyman has detailed several locomotives for me and he does a nice job! I recommend you check out his web site and send him some of those projects you can't seem to get around to doing.
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Model Railcast - Model Railroading Podcast show
Be entertained and educated about all things model railroading by hosts Ryan Andersen and Will Ayerst on the Model Railcast show! The audio podcast is free so tune in each week ... you won't be disappointed!
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Category: Other layouts (2)
Other model railroads I like ...
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Charlie Comstock's Bear Creek & South Jackson
This is a great model railroad. Charlie is one of the regular operators on my Siskiyou Line and his under construction layout is a real beauty -- very much worth a look!
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Jersey Western Railroad
Jersey Western Railroad is the layout of Jim Mansfield, who is a prolific contributing editor to Model Railroading magazine.
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Category: Prototype info (7)
Links to prototype info, typically SP-related ...
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My Espee Modelers Archive
This site, maintained by Richard Percy, is a gold mine of SP information, especially if you model the SP in the diesel era. A must-visit if you need to do research on the diesel-era SP.
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SP + D&RGW in the late 1980s
It's the prototype Siskiyou Line in the late 1980s! Since I model the Siskiyou Line in the 1980s, what else can I say, but that this link is a MUST!
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Craigs Railroad Pages
Here's some great photos of the Southern Pacific from the 1980s and the 1990s. You'll probably also recognize some of the locos you see on the HO Siskiyou Line in these photos! How cool is that?
 9.0 - 1 vote - 0 573 website
Site dedicated to documenting the use of semphore signals on prototype railroads. Naturally, since the Siskiyou Line uses lower quadrant semphores, keeping this link handy is a must.
 7.0 - 1 vote - 0 617
CORP - Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad
The Unofficial Home Page of the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad, maintained by Larry Tuttle. Even though the equipment has changed, it's still the Siskiyou Line!
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Postcard views of the Shasta Route
Pictures of what the SP Shasta route looked like in postcard form. Includes a Siskiyou Line section.
 7.0 - 1 vote - 0 608
Joel's SP in the Cascades
What can I say? It's the SP in Oregon with lots of great photos, including material from the 1980s. Definitely worth a look-see!
 8.5 - 2 votes - 0 738
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