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Joe Fugate standing on the 15Here I am standing on the 15" raised floor used to view the upper deck of my mushroom layout (click on the photo if you want to see a bigger image).

Notice there's not a lot of clearance over my head -- that's by design. I maximized the raised floor at 15", leaving 1" between the top of my head and the room ceiling.

That's Roseburg yard on the left of the picture and Cottage Grove on the right.

Besides doing model railroading (and currently doing an in-depth model trains video series on my layout), I work as a software developer in my day job. In recent years, this has included doing internet web sites, both for fun and for profit. Here's some of the web sites I have done or helped with:

And finally, here's a few photos from my family photo album:

Al Ketchum Al KetchumAl is the benchwork mastermind of the Siskiyou Line. He took a lot of my theoretical ideas on how to build mushroom benchwork and combined them with his own practical ideas and actually turned the ideas into something you could build. Al's contribution to the Siskiyou Line has been invaluable.

Mark Brown Mark BrownMark Brown is an expert locomotive detailer. Most of the photos of the Siskiyou Line show his locomotives. He copies actual prototype locomotives, right down to the weathering. Unfortunately (for me), Mark has moved to California, so it is now up to me to get my motive power roster up and running.

Bill Murphy Bill MurphyBill is a real soul-mate in that he loves the SP and he loves prototype operation. He regularly contributes to the progress on the layout by attending both the work sessions and the operating sessions. He also regularly encourages me to "push the envelope" in various plans concerning the layout. Bill is one of the few who have tried their hand at dispatching the Siskiyou Line.

John Shore John ShoreJohn has been the real "odd job" man on the railroad. Also he is the husband of the maid of honor from our wedding (1975), so he almost feels like "family". John loves ALCOs -- our favorite joke is that John is the "ALCO-holic" of the group. John and his family recently moved out of the area-- he will be greatly missed.

Ron Collins I first met Ron when I was the PR person for the 1994 National in Portland, Oregon. He has a fantastic eye for scenery and scenic detail, which I spotted immediately when I visited his small home layout. Ron has joined the group and started doing scenery work on the Siskiyou Line. Needless to say, I am delighted Ron has elected to apply his expertise to the Siskiyou Line. His latest endeaver has been the addition of great-looking static grass to several scenes on the layout. There is nothing like rubbing the scenery and having it feel fuzzy!

Lee Griffith Lee is the real go-getter of the group. He has been helping me on the Siskiyou Line since the early days back in 1992. Always thinking, he often asks "why couldn't we ..." when it comes to ways to make the layout more interesting or fun to operate. In recent years, his work often takes him out of the area, so he is unable to come to sessions as often as he would like. But his contributions to the layout in its very early stages have helped shape it into its present form.

Jim Hamby Jim Hamby was a signal maintenance foreman for the SP&S and then the BN. His insight into things electrical have been a real asset for the Siskiyou Line. His encouragement and effort is largely responsible for the Siskiyou Line now using DCC. Jim had a stroke in 1997 and he is unable to be a part of the layout core group like he used to be.

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04 May : 01:29
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Nice page.
04 May : 21:53
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No mention of Terry Roberts. I thought he one of the regulars. Now, he's just across the lake from me.

Bob Hayes
06 May : 22:25
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To be listed in the About me section, you need to be someone who helped a lot in the past, but has moved away or for whatever reason life issues have caused you to move on to other things.

Guess now that Terry has moved away, he needs to be added to the Siskiyou Line "hall of fame" ... good catch, Bob!
04 Jun : 17:11
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Pretty Inpressive Joe. One of the best model railroad sites I have seen for sure. I'd like to see it someday if possible. I used to brake over the Siskiyou line between Dunsmuir and Ashland. I resigned in 1977 and now have my own railroad.
25 Jul : 02:58
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It was nice to "visit" with you and your family. You realize the truly important things in life: family. Without it, we are truly lost. Love them, we are truly blessed. I have been blessed with having grown up with one, and starting my own.

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