Dispatching with track warrants (hits: 9347)

Ops tip: Dispatching with track warrants

The Track Warrant form ... Clearance to a given section of track on the Siskiyou Line is granted by using a facsimile of a prototype track warrant. We started with the prototype track warrant, simplified it a bit, and here on the left is the end result: the prototype-based track warrant form we use on the Siskiyou Line. Requesting a track [read more]
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Using car cards (hits: 13306)

Ops tip: Using car cards

Enhancing operating realism with car cards ... Car cards are used to route cars on the Siskiyou Line. Each car on the layout has a card with a pocket. In the card's pocket, we can place a waybill respresenting a customer's order for goods to be transported. From the waybill, we can tell where the car is supposed to go. Once we [read more]
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Operating like the prototype (hits: 10364)

Ops example: Operating like the prototype

A philosophy of prototypical operation ... It helps the "enjoyment factor" of running a model train to think more "protypical thoughts". What does this mean? Let's take the time to consider how we can think like we're operating a prototype train, and how we can then act accordingly. If you do this, you should find, as I do, that your enjoyment factor [read more]
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